Request & Retrieve Medical Information

Clients are able to request medical information worldwide.

Zedmed MRE offer the following retrieval services:

• Treating Doctor Reports

• Personal Medical Attendance Reports (PMAR)

• Work cover file copies

• Insurer Questionnaire completion by treating doctor

• Patient Medical File copies

All information is returned to you digitally via our secure online portal. Zedmed MRE can safely integrate with your workflow at both the point of data entry and report retrieval. This saves your turnaround times for every case by use of API (Automatic programming interface).

Doctor to Doctor Calls

Claims and underwriting cases can be closed with a better result by engaging a doctor to speak with the claimant/applicants treating doctor. What would otherwise be a lengthy and unsatisfactory experience can be resolved quickly. Zedmed MRE Doctors contact the applicant/claimants treating doctor on your behalf. These phone calls are recorded and a brief report is also completed by the Zedmed MRE doctor. Both the phone call recording and our doctors brief report can be retrieved from our web application securely.

Tele-interviewing Applications

Your applicants can be guided through the insurance application process by our skilled staff. Zedmed MRE work with you by either using existing systems & templates or helping you create manual ones. Applicants are contracted at preferred times and all required documentation is completed. All copies of phone calls and associated reports are available electronically via our secure online portal.

Nurse to Clients

Zedmed MRE provide qualified nursing & medically trained staff to facilitate the claims/ application process by talking through questions with the claimant/applicant. All copies of phone calls and accompanying documentation are available electronically via our secure online portal.

Pathology and Paramedical Requests

Insurers can request blood test and nurse examinations Australasia wide. Zedmed MRE, through our partnership with Lifescreen offer Insurers the most comprehensive and professional collection service available. Requests for these services can be entered and retrieved safely and securely via the Zedmed MRE online portal.

Independent Medical Examinations

MRE offers our insurance clients the ability to request Independent Medical Examinations covering a range of medical disciplines. All information is returned to you electronically via our secure online portal.