About Us
MRE works as an energetic and integrated team to create a positive and supportive environment that delivers quality service. Our goal is to deliver a flexible service in a timely manner to all our clients

Why Choose Us?

MRE will improve your clients experience with the insurance application and claims process
MRE will reduce the turn around times in the retrieval of medical information
Provide real value for money with all our services
Promote innovation and transparency in our delivery of service
MRE offer a range of services to insurers including

Request & Retrieve Medical Information

Clients are able to request medical information worldwide

Doctor to Doctor Calls

MRE Doctors contact the treating doctor

Tele-interviewing Applications

Your applicants can be guided through the application process

Nurse to Clients

MRE provide qualified nursing staff to faciliate the application process..

Pathology and Paramedical Requests

Insurers can request blood test and nurse examinations Australia wide

Independent Medical Examinations

MRE offers our insurance clients the ability to request Independent Medical Examinations covering a range ...

Our Team
Meet the team that made it all possible. We are proud group of individuals, who come together in a perfect unity to present you with our solution.